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Eye Candy Icons

brought to you by Britney & Armi

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Welcome to Eye Candy Icons!

We're two friends who obsess too damn much over every girl's favourite subject.. Hot guys. So we have decided to create an icon community as way to show our obsession.. Erm, I meant, devotion. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Some things to consider:

[x] This community has membership closed. kaegome & xibalba are the only official eyecandyicons icon makers. You are free to watch this community and comment if you like!

[x] For those who are watching this community, these are just guidelines to you not necessarily rules. However, if you're just here to start a fight, a flame war, or to waste your time with insults, we will delete you and ban you from here.

[x] We will be posting icons (Such as 100 challenges), wallpapers, friends only banners, banners, and colourbars from our favourite guys in this community on a regular basis. Though, sometimes RL can be hectic and it will seem unactive at some point, of course we don't plan that.

[x] We don't take commissions or requests as of what was mentioned above, however, we take suggestions. You are free to drop us a comment in this thread, and if we like the guy, we'll gladly make icons or other kind of graphics with him.

[x] We (kaegome & xibalba) have a list of the guys we like, and we're constantly going to be posting icons of them in no particular order. We will post our list with our choices with a link of the icons later and in the memories when we have a considerably amount of icons.

Rules regarding our artwork:

• You MUST credit us. Credit in comment (example).
When crediting one of us, please have the following:
credit: < lj user = " lj username here " > from < lj user = " eyecandyicons " > (no spaces)

• Do NOT hotlink.

• Do NOT edit or alter any of our graphics, or changing the format.

• Graphics are allowed to be used anywhere, as long as you credit us.

• Nominations are wonderful! Just be sure to tell us, and what community we are being nominated in. ^_^

(Optional) This is not a must, but we would love feedback on our work, especially if you like what you see here. :)

You may not take or steal any of our work and claim them as your own. We will not tolerate any of that or any kind of disbehaviour in this community. You must follow the rules if interested in taking any graphic from our community. If you don't, the consequences are Wall of Shame. You've been warned.

Thank you.